Preserving the environment with The Palawan @ Sentosa

Preserving the environment with The Palawan @ Sentosa

At The Palawan @ Sentosa, we are dedicated to creating an environment that exists in harmony with the natural environment. Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of our mission, and we take pride in the measures we have taken to minimise our ecological footprint while enhancing the guest experience.

Natural Integration

Our design philosophy prioritises seamless integration with the surrounding ecosystem. Collaborating closely with Sentosa Development Corporation, we have selected flora and fauna for the precinct’s landscaping that beautifully complements the lush greenery on the island.

Zero Tailpipe Emissions with HyperDrive Go-Karts

The fleet of go-karts at HyperDrive, are the latest generation of karts from SODIKART, a leader in the go-karting industry. The 100% electric power karts feature ENGEC technology, with zero tailpipe emissions and minimal noise offering seamless, safe and environmentally friendly driving.

Eco-conscious uniforms with OCEANR

The Palawan @ Sentosa’s crew wears custom uniforms by OceanR, a carbon-neutral brand. Made from a blend of recycled ocean plastic and organic cotton, these lightweight, breathable and quick-drying uniforms reflect our commitment to sustainability while ensuring our crew feel comfortable at all times.

Closed-loop foodware with TRIA

At The Palawan Food Trucks, all items are served in TRIA’s 100% biodegradable food ware, made from plant-based materials. The used items are subsequently collected by TRIA for conversion into mineral-rich fertiliser through a patented microbial biodegradation process. This zero-waste closed-loop dining experience enables us to reduce reliance on fossil-based plastic and reduce our carbon footprint.

Repurposing for renewal

Where possible, materials are given a new lease of life to be reused on the premises. Waste wood and discarded tyres have been transformed into comfortable seating furniture within The Palawan Food Trucks area. Additionally, rocks unearthed during construction now serve as both functional and aesthetic demarcations between the beach and the precinct.